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Pickles have the quality of taking people back into time, when the ladies of the house would carefully select the raw materials, diligently mix the ingredients and then wait for the pickle to be ready—a lasting childhood memory for many! But the delectable taste of the pickle and this age-old tradition of making this popular recipe at home, is soon fading and is slowly being replaced by bottled pickle.

Belonging to a family where pickle is the soul of any meal, different kinds of pickles were a regular at our dining table. My Grand Mother was known for her delicious pickles. And being born and raised in Amalapuram in Andhra Pradesh and married in Hyderabad, she picked up the art of making our very own Telangana and Andhra Pickles. She passed on the recipe to my mother who mastered the art and passed on the baton to my wife, Prasanna. Over the years, we have been gifting our home-made pickle to family and friends, who absolutely enjoy the pickles. It is their encouragement that motivated us to start The Pickle Story.

Apart from the regular Mango Pickles, Prasanna is also known for her powders, particularly, her curry leaf powder, idly powder and the idly karam. She makes almost 14 to 15 types of powders which can be had with plain rice (preferably steaming hot and with ghee). She also has a pretty good hand for the tomato pickle and our very own Gongura Pachadi.

Look out for the launch of other seasonal pickles like “Pandu Miram”, “Dosakaya Pachadi”, “Elipaya Miram” which happen to the signature recipes of the Team Pickle Story

In the last 3 years, The Pickle Story has seasoned the dining table of many households.

It is time to the relish the taste of Pickles and Powders in the way they were first made —with recipes that have been handed down from generations.

Team The Pickle Story!.