Masala Pepper Kaju


Pickle Story Masala Pepper Kaju – A delightful explosion of flavors, featuring premium cashews slow-roasted to crispy perfection and tossed in a lip-smacking masala infused with the aromatic freshness of Coorg peppercorns.
Ingredients: Chickpea Flour, Cashew, Pepper, Refined Sunflower Oil.

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Masala Pepper Kaju

Indulge in a symphony of textures and tastes with Pickle Story Masala Pepper Kaju. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this gourmet treat features high-quality cashews, meticulously roasted to a delightful crunch. Each bite unveils a burst of flavorful masala, expertly blended with the peppery zing of farm-fresh Coorg peppercorns.

Why Choose Pickle Story Masala Pepper Kaju:

  • Made with Premium Ingredients: We use only the finest cashews, ensuring a consistently delightful crunch and rich, nutty flavor.
  • Authentic Coorg Pepper: Sourced directly from the lush green hills of Coorg, our peppercorns add a distinct aromatic depth and a touch of pleasant heat.
  • Flavorful Masala: Our unique blend of spices creates a symphony of tastes, tantalizing your palate with every bite.
  • The Perfect Snack: Enjoy Pickle Story Masala Pepper Kaju on its own for a satisfying and flavorful snack, or pair it with your favorite beverages for a delightful accompaniment.

Order your pack of Pickle Story Masala Pepper Kaju today and experience the taste of true culinary delight!

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