Mango, Mustard and Sugar (Small pieces of Mango) Sweet


INGREDIENTS : Mango,Sweet, Spices, Salt and oil

Mango pickle with sugar and mustard powder – SMALL PIECES MANGO PICKLE SWEET

Mango is chopped into small pieces and pickled with spices, SUGAR specially pounded chilly powder in branded Gingerly oil. This is a sweet pickle and is a hit among children as well as adults.

  • Select, best variety Thella Gulabi mangoes are used at the right time, the mangoes are not ripe or under grown.
  • The mangoes are pickled in a branded best quality Gingerly Oil.
  • Zero Preservatives and Zero Colours used, hence in the first few days of making the pickle one would find a dash salt extra, as this acts as a natural preservative, but once the mangoes in the pickle get marinated the salt levels get adjusted.
  • The pickle is homemade, with recipes handed down from generations, we follow utmost hygiene, we also follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • All the raw materials are properly cleaned, tested and then used.
  • A time-tested recipe and a quality pickle from the house of THE PICKLE STORY.
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Mango pickle with sugar and mustard powder

Rs.129 for 250 grams

Rs.229 for 500 grams


Weight 450 g
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