Lime Pickle


INGREDIENTS: Lime, Turmeric, Salt, Red Chilli

LIME PICKLE is the most commonly used across India, we are THE PICKLE STORY use specially graded and sorted “CHAKRADARI” quality of lime, we look for perfect ripening, colour, juice content, and clear skin without any patches. Lime is cut into four pieces (removing all the visible seeds) and pickled in chilly powder, spices, turmeric and salt.

• Select, best quality of Chakradari limes are used, when the fruit is perfectly ripe and has not patches on the skin and has the right amount of juice.
• Best raw material are used after the proper QC (Quality Control) procedures are strictly followed.
• Zero Preservatives and Zero Colours used, hence in the first few days of making the pickle one would find a dash salt extra, as this acts as a natural preservative, but once the lime pieces in the pickle get marinated the salt levels get adjusted.
• Special process is followed to first marinate the lime pieces and only then it is pickled with chilly powder specially pounded for THE PICKLE STORY
• The manufacturing and packing is done with utmost hygiene, we follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

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INGREDIENTS: Lime, Turmeric, Salt

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